Oversight. Insight. Foresight.

Understand, respond to, and anticipate complex facility conditions – in real-time and over time – on one integrated platform. Willow does more than digitize a building. It activates its potential to operate more securely, sustainably, and efficiently.

Put the power of the virtual world to work and achieve your goals for one building or an entire portfolio.

Oversight over all the systems and activities within a building, and how they relate to one another; across all the buildings within a local setting like a campus or an airport, or across a globally distributed portfolio; across all the shared infrastructure.

Insight into the most pressing pain points; into often non-trivial cause and effect relationships that transcend multiple operational systems; into impact on costs, energy consumption, carbon, comfort, compliance, building health and wellness.

Foresight to predict failures and problems before they occur so they can be prevented altogether; into changing conditions that may affect operations, like weather events, power outages, or simply energy price fluctuations and how to take optimal advantage.

What makes Willow unique?

At Willow, we know data and people work hand in hand. With our unique technology, you can upskill your people, buildings, and facilities.

We provide you with the oversight, insight, and foresight to achieve your goals.

Collecting data
is smart.

Willow Activate Technology starts by breaking down silos to connect the dots among diverse data sources, both live and historical, within a unique, centralized Knowledge Graph. Here, data on the performance of individual assets, an entire building, or even a portfolio of buildings are received and processed in the moment, allowing for immediate insights and adjustments. This live data is constantly updated to reflect real-world conditions and dynamics. But that’s just the beginning.

Making sense of it
is Willow.

Only Activate encodes domain expertise, building specific knowledge and best practices from every corner of facility and infrastructure management directly into the platform’s functionality and decision-making processes. This enables a greater understanding of complex interactions, behavior, and performance patterns – insights that let you take intelligent action. Activate’s AI-powered feedback loop continuously refines and generates skills to become more intelligent and autonomous over time, reducing the need for human intervention.

With Willow, you can effortlessly collect, validate, transform, normalize, and fuse all that disparate data into a unified model.

Activate Packs

Activate your world with
Willow Activate Packs

Willow Activate Packs streamline and customize your access to Willow’s Activate Technology, the industry’s most powerful platform for building intelligence into structure and infrastructures. Willow Activate Packs are designed to capture and leverage data critical to specific objectives, from broad goals such as sustainability and efficiency to targeted concerns like occupancy and conveyance downtime.


Buildings and Facilities generate vast amounts of data from various sources, such as design files, sensor data, project management software, and financial records. Willow collects, validates, transforms, normalizes, and fuses rich and complex spatial, static, and live data from a wide variety of sources into a consistent model to generate advanced insights with impact assessments that drive intelligent action, remediation, and automation.

Unlock the Potential of Geometry

  • Explore abstract and real geometry with ease
  • Design in both 2D and 3D
  • Seamlessly integrate with CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Leverage spatial anchors for immersive AR/MR experiences
  • Perform spatial reconstruction scans effortlessly

Experience a Dynamic Structure

  • Benefit from industry and domain-specific ontologies
  • Visualize interconnected entities as a comprehensive graph
  • Bring your models to life with real-time data from sensors and other sources
  • Enjoy an always up-to-date representation of the operational state

Harness the Power of IoT Data

  • Connect, interact, and exchange data with endpoint devices and sensors
  • Aggregate, process, and provide gateway capabilities for IoT endpoints
  • Capture valuable telemetry and enable command and control functionalities

Capture the Power of Time

  • Capture and process time series data for comprehensive data history
  • Track the evolution of your structure over time with topological history
  • Gain the ability to replay and analyze historical data

Leverage Business Data

  • Access information stored in traditional LOB systems (systems of record)
  • Establish live connections for up-to-date data (no more static imports)
  • Incorporate people and business processes into your insights
  • Utilize warranty and maintenance service records and equipment/system manuals


  • Observe and understand complex interaction, behavior, and performance patterns
  • Gain Intelligent Insights
  • Willow Activate: knowledge-based skills generate actionable insights with quantified impact scores, drives value-based outcomes
  • Copilot for the physical world

New Build

Compile and store your project’s data as it is created in one easy-to-access place. Willow ensures you have the right data right from the start.

Engage with Willow early in the process to define what success looks like for you at the end of your project. Together we ensure data requirements are accounted for and included in contracts before engaging suppliers. Set expectations early to reduce project scope change and prevent goalposts from moving and delaying your digital handover.

Digital handover of new projects requires more than just spreadsheets and PDF documents. Willow helps connect these into a single source of truth you can track across your supply chain. Our platform breaks down your project data by discipline, supplier, or project zone.

The intuitive dashboard allows both technical and non-technical team members, including designers, contractors, and subcontractors, to track progress and compliance of digital asset completion.

With Willow,
you’ll always know
where you stand.