Active Efficiency

This Activate Pack helps you extend beyond well-established energy efficiency approaches with new intelligent digital load management capabilities, demand flexibility, activation of new distributed energy resources and decarbonization strategies. Turn your real estate assets into Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings that are acutely aware of and attuned to a modernizing electricity grid’s state and needs.

  • Use various strategies, including energy storage, load shifting, and integrating flexible technologies like electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure, behind the meter storage (BTMS) and solar PV systems.
  • Store excess energy during periods of low demand or high renewable energy generation, and then use it when demand or prices are higher.
  • Participate in demand response programs, reducing energy consumption during peak demand periods.
  • Evolve from demand response to true demand flexibility through a broader range of strategies aimed at optimizing energy consumption to align with renewable energy viability and pricing fluctuations.
  • Prepare for the future and ready your Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings to participate in Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Aggregation and Virtual Power Plants (VPP).