Improve the sustainability of your healthcare facility while cutting costs with the Healthcare Activate Pack. The Pack is designed to handle healthcare’s unique challenges like high energy consumption, cold storage, medical waste, and air quality. When paired with other Activate Packs, it enables the monitoring, insights, and control needed to protect the environment, save on energy bills, enhance patient care, and ensure staff health. And it enables you to focus on delivering high quality care.

  • Identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in sustainability practices.
  • Maintain optimal indoor air quality for patient health and comfort while optimizing HVAC operations for energy efficiency.
  • Optimize energy usage based on occupancy, patient flow, and operational needs, leading to significant energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Optimize waste collection schedules, improve recycling efforts, and ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Detect water leaks and anomalies, allowing for prompt repairs and reducing water wastage.
  • Track assets in real-time to reduce equipment loss, improve utilization, and minimize the need for new purchases.
  • Monitor cold storage temperature and humidity levels in real-time, helping to detect anomalies and prevent temperature excursions that could lead to product spoilage.