Willow is a leading and differentiated Software as a Service solution built on Microsoft Azure. Willow+ brings together Willow’s technology and solutions with the power of Microsoft.

We are proud of our rich collaboration and co-innovation history with Microsoft. Willow was an engineering and launch partner for innovative new services like Azure Digital Twins and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, and first to demonstrate unique new integrations with Dynamics 365. More than just a Microsoft partner, our Enterprise SaaS solution transacts 100% via the Azure Marketplace saving you time and money.

With Willow+ we remain committed to bring breakthrough innovation to our customers with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft products and services.

Together we are digitizing the built world for a better, more efficient, sustainable world.

Willow Copilot for the Built World

Coming soon to Willow Activate

Willow continues to invest in building out its AI capabilities, in collaboration with Microsoft and leveraging Azure AI and Azure OpenAI Services. Following on the heels of Willow Activate, Willow Copilot will enable a user to use natural language chat to ask questions about their facilities and buildings that would otherwise take browsing around the Willow App and inferring information provided by one or more pages. The Copilot will also maintain context in the conversation to support follow-up questions and the ability to complete workflows, including interactive assist while interpreting, diagnosing, mitigating and resolving insights and work orders in the field.

Willow and Microsoft Cloud
for Sustainability

To streamline sustainability initiatives, Willow enables the seamless exchange of precise data with the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

This integration makes reporting easier, providing accurate and contextual sustainability insights at both a macro portfolio level and an individual facility level.

This includes insights into carbon intensity and emissions over time, right alongside the existing energy intensity and usage. These real-time insights can drive actions to reduce future emissions.

Connector enables a seamless exchange of precise data between Willow and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Real-time insights can be used to drive actions through Willow to reduce future emissions

Streamline sustainability reporting for any corporations that own and/or manage facilities

Accurate emissions calculations in overall emissions reporting

Accurate and contextual sustainability insights at both a macro portfolio level, as well as at an individual facility level

Insights into carbon intensity and emissions over time, right alongside the existing energy intensity and usage

Willow and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Experience the future of asset and facilities management today with the seamless integration of Willow and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Eliminating Data Silos

Willow delivers the oversight, insight, and foresight needed to change the way buildings and infrastructures are managed. We enable clients to understand, respond to, and anticipate complex facility conditions – in real time and over time – on one integrated platform.

More than digitization, our approach breaks down silos to fuse data and skills. Dynamics 365 Field Service takes advantage to improve how assets are managed and maintained. Willow processes millions of IoT telemetry streams and generates real-time insights that are seamlessly pushed into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service as work orders for action by the field.

Willow injects context into the service process. A challenge with traditional maintenance tasks is the time spent gathering related context about where, what, and how to address a service request. Dynamics 365 Field Service users will now have a link into Willow, giving direct access to related entities, service manuals, IoT telemetry trends, and 3D asset visualizations.

Enabling Automation

The fusion of these two powerful platforms enables the shift from preventative maintenance routines to predictive maintenance and introduces enhanced automation capabilities. Work orders are automatically categorized and assigned to the team responsible for maintaining the underlying system or space in the facility. As the work gets underway, the field technician can choose to update the status, comment, attach photos, and re-assign a work order in either Willow or Field Service and the two platforms stay in sync so other teams can see the updates in real-time.

Serving up Energy Efficiency

Willow’s Activate Technology suggests energy optimization opportunities for an entire portfolio. This enables the asset management team to move from performing reactive maintenance to proactive sustainability actions. Through the Willow integration, Dynamics 365 Field Service users can make capital planning decisions, optimize control sequences, and take advantage of real-time monitoring-based commissioning insights.

The combination of Willow and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a pivotal shift for asset and facilities management. Empower your teams, optimize your operations, and seize the future with best-in-class Willow insights and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service customized workflows.