Building Spatial Geometry & Static Data

Transform the way you manage your space by enabling the visualization and exploration of static data with the Building Spatial Geometry & Static Data Activate Pack.

This pack is designed to unlock the power and potential of geometry. Explore abstract and real geometry with ease and track the evolution of your structure over time. See, search, and explore static data of all aspects of your facilities in the context of space.

Combined with other Activate Packs you create a true living digital replica of your physical infrastructure brought to life with real time live data from sensors and other data sources to have an always up to date representation of operational state, a true digital twin!

  • Effortlessly ingest data from an array of sources, including 3D Building Information Models, 2D CAD drawings, PDF layout diagrams, document sets, and riser diagrams.
  • Integrate BIM data to enable real-time monitoring and enhance decision-making. It improves visualization, collaboration, and aids in upgrades, emergencies, and resilience planning.
  • Inject spatial context into service processes with direct access to 3D asset visualizations, related entities, service manuals.