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Willow Activate Packs

Willow Activate Packs streamline and customize your access to Willow’s Activate Technology, the industry’s most powerful platform for building intelligence into structure and infrastructures. Willow Activate Packs are designed to capture and leverage data critical to specific objectives, from broad goals such as sustainability and efficiency to targeted concerns like occupancy and conveyance downtime.

More than data aggregators, these tools are insight generators that provide the information and impact assessments to drive intelligent action, remediation, and automation. Used separately or together, the following Willow Activate Packs address pressing issues that are applicable across a wide range of facility types and industries:

  • Sustainability
  • Building Energy & Operations
  • Active Efficiency
  • Occupancy
  • Asset Condition & Environmental Monitoring
  • Building Spatial Geometry & Static Data
  • Conveyance
  • Onsite Food Preparation

Our Packs

Additionally, custom packs that cover equipment, systems, and infrastructures unique to facilities in retail, healthcare, and airports and aviation are available to augment the general-purpose offerings

Willow Activate Technology breaks down silos to connect the dots among diverse data sources, both live and historical, within a unique, centralized Knowledge Graph. Only Activate encodes domain expertise, building specific knowledge and best practices from every corner of facility and infrastructure management directly into the platform’s functionality and decision-making processes. Activate’s AI-powered feedback loop continuously refines and generates skills to become more intelligent and autonomous over time, reducing the need for human intervention


Get the whole picture on energy, electricity, gas, and water use to future-proof your operations and meet ESG goals.

Building Energy & Operations

Know exactly how your energy and assets are being used with the Building Energy & Operations Activate Pack. Create or simulate insights critical to understanding, responding to, and anticipating complex facility conditions in real time and over time.

Active Efficiency

This Activate Pack helps you extend beyond well-established energy efficiency approaches with new intelligent digital load management capabilities, demand flexibility, activation of new distributed energy resources and decarbonization strategies.


Occupancy, counting, and space utilization data sets are key to creating more efficient, adaptive, and responsive environments.

Asset Condition & Environmental Monitoring

Maximize asset performance, minimize downtime, and supercharge operational efficiency with the Asset Condition & Environmental Monitoring Activate Pack.

Building Spatial Geometry & Static Data

Transform the way you manage your space by enabling the visualization and exploration of static data with the Building Spatial Geometry & Static Data Activate Pack.


Increase uptime and prevent costly interruptions when you take greater control of your conveyance system with the Conveyance Activate Pack.

Onsite Food Preparation

Improve the sustainability profile of commercial kitchens while reducing costs with the Onsite Food Preparation Activate Pack.


Gain full oversight of retail facility systems worldwide with the Retail Activate Pack. It unifies your global portfolio, from stores to distribution centers, enabling informed decisions.

Airport & Aviation

Elevate efficiency, passenger experience, and safety with the Activate Pack designed to meet the unique challenges of airports and aviation.


Improve the sustainability of your healthcare facility while cutting costs with the Healthcare Activate Pack. The Pack is designed to handle healthcare’s unique challenges like high energy consumption, cold storage, medical waste, and air quality.