the Built World

The built world — its structures and infrastructures, its utility and usability — is at a tipping point. The choices we make in designing, constructing, and managing this environment have far-reaching consequences. Sustainability imperatives are urgent. Efficiencies are economically and environmentally critical. And safety has taken on new dimensions, with threats from both the cyber and climate fronts.

Willow activates the ability of the built world to operate more securely, sustainably, and efficiently. From optimizing construction processes to enhancing urban planning, we enable clients to understand, respond to, and anticipate complex conditions – in real-time and over time – on one integrated platform. Through the integration of static, spatial, and live data, Willow visualizes and interprets the relationships between equipment and systems to better inform and drive action.


Assets are the resources that bring you economic value, contributing to your operations, growth, and overall value. Discussions around assets in the built world often focus on the physical or digital. But at Willow, we understand that your human capital is an asset that brings, perhaps, the greatest value. The industry has become good at collecting data. But that data still requires deep domain expertise to deliver outcomes. So, our platform encodes domain experts’ skills to enable autonomous observation and understanding of complex interaction, behavior, and performance patterns. And that domain expertise is not limited to traditional building operators or facility managers but can involve financial expertise, sustainability expertise, security expertise, and more.

With Willow, your assets are fully optimized.


In the built world, the terms “smart” and “intelligent” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct connotations. “Smart” is the ability of a system or device to connect to the internet, gather and analyze data, and perform automated functions. It typically implies the integration of sensors, connectivity, and computing capabilities that enable a device or system to interact with its environment, adapt to user preferences, and provide enhanced functionality.

“Intelligent” goes beyond mere connectivity and automation. It is the ability to understand, reason, learn, and apply knowledge in a complex and adaptive manner. An intelligent system can analyze information, recognize patterns, make predictions, and adapt based on changing circumstances.

That’s what Willow brings – a more intelligent way to manage facilities better today and optimize for tomorrow.