Building Energy & Operations

Know exactly how your energy and assets are being used with the Building Energy & Operations Activate Pack. Create or simulate insights critical to understanding, responding to, and anticipating complex facility conditions in real time and over time. With that knowledge, you can build infrastructure resilience, increase building health and wellness, and reduce emissions while enabling next generation energy savings and boosting economic productivity.

  • Identify faults, optimize energy, enable continuous commissioning, and surface leading indications for predictive maintenance.
  • Evolve from component-level investment and tracking to multi-system and cross-ecosystem integrations and insights.
  • Go beyond static improvements (e.g., building envelope adjustments) and reactive maintenance. Use real-time insights to drive intelligent action, remediation, and automation to deliver the measurable outcomes that matter.
  • Optimize asset performance, extend their lifespan, and reduce downtime by automating maintenance workflows and facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Interact with the Willow Copilot that leverages Generative AI to streamline data summarization and insight exploration at building or portfolio scale