Gain full oversight of retail facility systems worldwide with the Retail Activate Pack. It unifies your global portfolio, from stores to distribution centers, enabling informed decisions. Get insights into weather, power, and customer behavior to optimize layouts, ensure food safety, manage inventory efficiently, and prevent equipment downtime. When paired with other Activate Packs, you get the full picture of costs, energy consumption, carbon, comfort, compliance, health, and wellness to make informed choices.

  • Get foresight into changing conditions like weather events, power outages, or utility demand-response programs.
  • Collect data on customer behavior, traffic flow, and dwell times to analyze customer preferences and optimize store layouts.
  • Track temperature and humidity levels in refrigeration units or storage areas to ensure food safety and quality compliance.
  • Track goods throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse to the store shelves, ensuring efficient inventory management and reducing inventory holding costs.
  • Monitor equipment and store infrastructure, enabling predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failures and