Our Story

Since our founding in 2017, Willow has grown from a scrappy start-up in Australia to serving customers around the globe. Our technology has evolved to answer increasingly challenging issues like the changing energy and sustainability landscape, new work patterns and workforces, and increasingly complex infrastructures.

But like our namesake, we still have roots planted deeply in the built world, with expertise grounded in buildings and infrastructure, across all stages of the project lifecycle. Complementing this is an ever-expanding network of software branches, connecting two worlds: the built and the digital. It is this pedigree that has enabled us to take on a bold mission of activating the built world.


Our leadership team has a rich background in technology, real estate, and infrastructure industries and is bound together by a common mission; to build a more connected and intelligent future for our built world.

Global Reach

Willow’s customers include some of the world’s largest and most influential owners of real estate and critical infrastructure and several Fortune 500 companies. You can find us across the globe.