Customer Stories

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is no ordinary airport. DFW serves more than 73 million passengers a year and covers more than 26.9 square miles, making it bigger than Manhattan. It was the first carbon-neutral airport in North America and the largest in the world. An enterprise of this scale and impact is highly matrixed, always on, and interrelated.


Willow reveals hidden interdependencies, manages the complexities, harnesses the power of data, and positions DFW to thrive. Willow is helping DFW make sense of data collected by countless sensors embedded throughout the airport by integrating DFW’s existing data ecosystems. Within the platform, we can get a holistic, real-time, historical, and predictive view of conditions across multiple physical assets creating a single source of truth to enable previously unseen insights.

Willow Integrates Value to Help DFW Reach Its Strategic Goals

Willow provides a single source of truth for reporting energy consumption across assets within the airport, a single data model for sustainability KPIs, and the ability to normalize and aggregate all energy consumption and emissions data sources.

Operational Efficiency
Spotting issues quickly and fixing them improves efficiency, but the Willow platform also allows for improved predictive maintenance.

Risk Mitigation
The insight provided by the Willow platform can help reduce risk by analyzing historical data, identifying patterns and trends, and flagging future issues or failures.

Using Willow to model potential problems, DFW can assess the potential impact and develop contingency plans. Willow also helps simulate emergency scenarios to identify issues and improve response times.