The Digital Twin

Willow enables owners to harness the true potential of data, and to transform bricks and mortar into a living, learning, evolving asset. 

Single Source

Integrate all your data and sensors into a single, transparent dashboard

Operational Savings​

Drive savings through actionable insights and predictive maintenance​

Enhanced Experience​

Attract and retain your tenants and customers with unique, engaging experiences​

Improved Performance

Apply learnings from the Digital Twin across your entire portfolio​

Transform the design, construction, operation, and experience of your asset.

We offer a full range of services from Smart Building design to operation.

Client Stories and Partnerships

Together with our clients and partners, we strive  to create a smarter, more sustainable world.



Strukton Rail is a leader in rail asset maintenance. Their goal is to make rail transport competitive, safe, reliable and cost-effective. Willow's innovative approach pairs with Strukton Rail's deep industry experience to form a successful partnership, delivering growth, providing clarity and ensuring progress within the rail industry.



Willow and Microsoft are partnering together to industrialise and scale the Willow solution through Microsoft's cloud infrastructure and extensive partner network. Willow was handpicked by Microsoft as one of eight exclusive partners to launch their new IoT stack on Azure Digital Twins, exclusively developed for the built environment.



Investa is one of Australia's largest owners and managers of commercial real estate and in many ways, typifies the type of client work we love to do. Together we have pushed the envelope in the industry through technology, starting with the implementation of Digital Project Management (BIM) on a number of landmark prtojects.

Featured Solutions

Willow Rail

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This industry-first solution creates a dynamic Digital Twin of a rail network for better management and maintenance.


The Digital Twin platform provides rail owners and operators with holistic insight into the assets and operations of an entire rail network, helping them maintain and operate networks at the highest levels of availability for passenger and heavy-haul networks.


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Over the past 5 years, Willow and Investa have innovated in multiple areas of the building and development process, from the earliest implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for complex digital management in design and construction to today’s use of intelligent Digital Twins. This partnership has spanned multiple projects and extends from construction management through to tenant experience.

Take Your Asset Online

Willow enables owners to switch on a built asset through the creation of a Digital Twin. With its plug and play simplicity, owners can quickly optimise their built assets all while improving their occupants’ experience through mobile-lead engagements and better control of their surrounding spaces.

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