To anyone who has been in corporate or government IT; whether it be for 2 years or 10 years, the changing landscape of technologies, methodologies and solutions can be daunting. Technology platforms that didn’t even exist a few years ago are now enabling businesses of all sizes to scale, deploy and innovate, in ways that were fanciful a decade ago.

The role of the CIO and the greater IT team has also changed. IT are still expected at a minimum, to partner with the various business units, triage the many projects heaping upon desks as well as ensuring continual operations (aka “keep the lights on”). IT is also required to captain the organisation towards technical innovation where success is measured not in months, but weeks or even days. I have heard on more than one occasion, “I feel as if I’m rebuilding the plane at 38,000 feet”.

Last month I had to pleasure of sitting around the table with a number of industry leaders, hearing their stories and anecdotes of the changing industry. Everyone had a story to share about their journey; be it dealing with legacy systems, how to introduce an agile program, the constantly changing regulatory requirements and navigating the new opportunities with technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and AI. Everyone had a unique set of circumstances and challenges but also a common ground. We were all working towards the mutual priority of enabling ourselves to digitally transform our organisation.

Digital transformation could be viewed as one of those ambiguous titles, similar to what ‘The Cloud’ was a decade ago. My definition is simple. Use the right mix of technology to enable people and business to solve a traditional problem in a smarter, quicker, easier and more efficient way.

What strikes me is that we are at confluence where the technology has both been created and matured to the point which enables IT to achieve what was previously technically impossible. With new tools in our toolbox, we are able to not only perform our necessary duties internally, but we can now lead and facilitate the digital transformation which our management are desperate for. Willow is leading digital transformation in the construction and infrastructure industries, by making data accessible in an industry historically typified by analogue processes.

I believe we are entering the infancy stage of this revolution within the IT and technology landscape. Companies of all shapes and sizes are fervently looking for ways to get an edge, and digital transformation is crucial to this. The need for providing or facilitating the services and internal project will never go away, however, the opportunity of directing issues of strategic importance can not be understated. For me, it is an incredibly exciting time to be part of the Willow team and to empower our peers to achieving their digital transformation goals.
Will Sessions is the Global CIO of Willow.

He has a strong ethos that IT should always exist to make the lives of those around it easier. This philosophy has helped to shape his 19 years of experience in the industries of telecommunications, manufacturing and construction. He has always been drawn to IT owing to the combination of methodical problem solving and pushing boundaries by constructing creative solutions.

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