Willow’s Digital Engineering team provides digital strategy and BIM management services that enable the creation of digital twins for smart buildings and smart cities. Our team starts with the end in mind, setting the digital roadmap and structuring, validating, and managing spatial and static data on complex building and infrastructure projects worldwide. 


Through digitally led standards and processes, Willow enables owners and major contractors to leverage the technology of today as well as the innovations of tomorrow. 

Why Use Willow for Digital Engineering?

Practical digital strategy​

Translate your business and development objectives into clear and measurable digital requirements for the project.

Effective implementation during Design & Construction

Experienced practitioners from across a range of specialist areas work with the supply chain to drive this strategy through design and construction into operations.

Drive long-term operational value​

Implementing a digital approach delivers savings and efficiencies throughout the lifecycle.

Our strategy and services approach is ultimately by your goals as our client.
We seek to understand the project vision, development objectives, and end-user experience first, then translate these inputs into a clear roadmap for success.

Our services include:

Digital Strategy


Engage with end clients and contractors to formulate their digital visions with the end goal in mind of enabling digitally managed assets across their portfolios.


Implement and oversee digital strategy through various project stages including model coordination and management of project stakeholders and deliverables, ensuring client requirements are progressively achieved.
Reviews and Audits

Digital Reviews
and Audits

Progressive review of 3D geometric model quality and audit of associated non-graphical metadata.
Handover and Operations

Digital Handover
and Operations

Support the client from project outset by specifying, collating, and managing asset classification structures, equipment data, and manufacturer’s data.

Our services include:

Willow engages with our end clients and contractors to formulate their digital visions and plan their objectives and digital requirements with the end goal in mind of enabling digitally managed assets across their portfolios. The digital strategy is most effective when applied at the early stage of projects improving collaboration between responsible parties, cost control and ultimately improving construction efficiency.

Implementation and management of the Digital strategy through the various project’s stages including model coordination, management of project stakeholders and deliverables ensuring client digital requirements are progressively achieved per milestone.  Implementation of BIM systems provides clients with enhanced decision making, operational efficiencies, reduced risk, cost and time savings and improved quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Progressive review of 3D geometric model quality and audit of associated non-graphical meta data ensuring digital deliverables are met in accordance with the strategy and client expectations. Reviews and audits can be performed independently at the beginning of a milestone or at any major milestone with a summary report and recommendations provided for action by the project team.

Willow’s team supports the client from project outset with specifying, collating and the management of the asset classification structures, equipment data including equipment specifications, maintenance manuals/schedules, warranties, cost data, upgrades and replacements, maintenance records, and manufacturer’s data, among others. These services provide the end client with a comprehensive source of truth for visualising, analysing, tracking and maintaining physical assets within their portfolio.

From BIM to Digital Twin

Our service offering moves beyond traditional BIM management to offer a higher value-add service. The Willow Digital Engineering team understands the processes required for data collection, naming conventions, and information management practices to enable the creation of a dynamic, live, and virtual replica of your asset — a digital twin. Unlock a range of smart building and smart city benefits in the operation and experience of real assets.

How Do We Provide Value to Our Clients?

Greater Certainty
and Predictability

Surety of project outcomes in terms of cost, programme, quality, and safety


Progressively input and validate building data to expedite handover for operations


Rapidly test different solutions in a virtual environment

Operational Savings

Drive value through the Design & Construction process into smarter facilities management solutions

Senior Leadership

Our team of engineers, architects, construction managers, and technology specialists is led through three key regions with global oversight.

Daniel Kalnins

Daniel Kalnins

Global Head of Digital

Andrew Phelan

Andrew Phelan

Digital Engineering Lead, North America
Mitchell Punch

Mitchell Punch

Digital Engineering Lead, Australia

Lucas Cusack

Lucas Cusack

Digital Engineering Lead, UK/Europe

The Digital Engineering team, which since 2011 has been known under the Ridley name, has delivered a range of projects across regions, sectors, and delivery models. This team has been the Digital Project Manager (BIM Manager/Information Manager) on a number of high-profile, complex projects. Here are a few of our favourites.

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