The  Willow Twin

A Precise Virtual Replica

The Willow Twin is a precise, virtual replica of a real asset containing
geometry, asset information and live operational data.

Streamline Operations

The Willow Twin gathers & tracks data over time to effectively manage the resources & energy used by your assets.

Triple Bottom Line

Use Data Analytics & intuitive reporting to improve the cash value of your assets whilst reducing their impact on the environment.

Open Ecosystem

The Willow Ecosystem of products and integrations allows owners to go-to-market quickly with emerging & secure technology.

Improve Tenant Retention

Differentiate your brand by providing a mobile experience, delivering unique content to occupants & their guests.

Powerful Insights

Capture important tenant analytics around engagement & spaces to better understand & service their customers.

Empower Staff

Empower staff to automate tasks, up-skill their workforce & drive overall operational savings through predictive maintenance.

Reimagine the Built World

 As the foundation product for our product suite, Willow Twin unlocks the value from a range of additional

offerings to help ensure you can transform the design, construction, operation and experience of your asset.

Included Features

Completion Tracker & Model Auditor validates subcontractor and  data  including Operations & Maintenance manuals, 2D & 3D models, asset registers and warranty information to give a live view of data readiness for handover.

Willow Explorer provides 2D or 3D visualisation of your current building or infrastructure network in a light weight, intuitive platform. View the entire asset as a whole or drill down to individual asset level including live data.

Willow Register gathers and stores the operational manuals for your building or infrastructure network. By moving your documents from analogue and siloed systems we create a comprehensive and integrated database of all your documents, in one central repository.

Willow Scan is a QR code driven solution, designed to identify, verify and manage every asset in your built environment. Ensures you know what and where your assets are and assists to reduce risk and compliance issues relating to out of warranty and faulty assets.

Secure & Scalable

Willow and Microsoft have partnered to create a platform which is scalable and leverages the power of IoT and AI

Operation & Management

Enhance the Willow Twins functionality during the Operation and Management phases of your building or infrastructure

network with our suite of products available to seamlessly connect with your twin and go-to-market almost instantly

Fault Detection

Willow Fault Detection audits and assesses asset performance at the time of commissioning an asset. 


Fault detection automatically and continuously analyses the data already being gathered by the BMS system to generate insights and alarms on equipment and component faults. 


Willow Blockchain creates, verifies and enforces digital smart maintenance contracts for building owners and maintenance contractors.

The first Willow Blockchain contract in operation is with thyssenkrupp Elevators on their Innovation Test Tower in Rottweil, Germany. 

Predictive Maintenance

Willow Predictive Maintenance helps you to identify issues before a failure occurs or a complaint has been lodged. It allows owners to manage assets with confidence, increasing up-time and driving a more effective capital and operational cost outcome.

Maintenance Tracking

Share maintenance requests, track maintenance status and communicate directly with teams in field. 

Energy Analytics

Designed to help you optimise your energy utilisation and reduce costs and environmental impact, Willow Energy Analytics assess and makes actionable recommendations on the energy ultilisation and consumption across your building or infrastructure.


With greater visibility comes the ability to make better choices with your supply flow. Willow Energy Analytics will identify areas of your asset which aren’t efficient so you can make better decisions.

Tenant, Customer and Commuter Experience

Create unique and engaging customer experiences for your occupants with our suite of products available today that will instantly enhance the Willow Twin.  Future proof your asset whilst gathering valuable tenant data and insights

Tenant & Customer Experience

A comprehensive tenant and community platform that allows building owners to attract and retain tenants and open new streams of revenue.


Willow integrates a range of applications used across your building including room booking apps, food and beverage, tenant services requests, building directory information, transportation alerts and retail, thereby delivering an end to end tenant experience.

Tenant Services Requests

Lodge, manage and track requests within your building to support the concierge team and ensure tenant satisfaction. 

Tenant Analytics

By tracking and reporting on key elements of your tenants and customers engagement levels including space utilisation, tenant demographics, preferences, and feedback, Willow Tenant Analytics enables asset owners to cater experiences to the needs and wants of their occupants.  


Better understand your audience profiles and start driving improvements in occupant spaces today.

Emergency Management

Willow Emergency Management is designed to help identify where people are in your building or infrastructure environment, notify individuals on the emergency and recommended actions and also keep you updated on the safety of every individual in an emergency situation.


Optimise your building or infrastructure network instantly with these great benefits

Digital World

Bring your physical asset into the digital world by connecting to an ecosystem of innovation.

Instant Connection

Find apps and integrations you can connect instantly to your built asset and its occupants. 

Advanced Security

Provide an advanced layer of security for your assets, portfolio data and third-party integrations.


Customise unique apps for your portfolio through the Willow Collaboration program.