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A new way forward for rail asset management

This industry-first solution creates a dynamic, digital twin of a rail network for better asset management and maintenance. The digital twin platform provides rail owners and operators with holistic insight into the assets and operations of an entire rail network, helping them to maintain and operate networks at the highest levels of availability for passenger and heavy haul networks.


Taking building smarts to a new level

thyssenkrupp is a worldwide leader in elevator technology and now the company is taking its knowledge of urban mobility to the next level. At its Innovation Test Tower in Rottweil, thyssenkrupp is using Willow Twin—a digitalised virtual model of the physical building – to revolutionise the way buildings are maintained and to enhance the experience of tenants and visitors.


A journey of innovation

Over the past 5 years, Willow and Investa have innovated in multiple areas of the building and development process, from the earliest implementation of Building Information Modelling for complex digital management in design and construction, and today the use of intelligent Digital Twins. This partnership has spanned multiple projects and extends from construction management through to tenant experience.

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