Ecosystem of Partners

Willow is more than a company, it is a movement.

We have a vision which is gaining momentum for the Willow community: a family, a force, a thriving tribe of game changes like no other.

Willow and Microsoft are partnering together to industrialise and scale the Willow solution through Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and extensive partner network.

Willow signed an agreement to apply the WillowTwin™ platform on thyssenkrupp’s Innovation Tower in Rottweil, Germany. This involves a trial of Willow’s blockchain-enabled smart maintenance contracts and has led to preliminary discussions about portfolio-wide application.
Willow signed an agreement to apply the WillowTwin™ platform on Schneider Electric’s US headquarters in Boston. Schneider have expressed interest in pursuing both an equity investment and a global partnership agreement with Willow.
Joint venture to adapt the WillowTwin™ platform to the rail sector (WillowRail).
Two of EG’s forthcoming property investment funds will be explicitly mandated to deploy the WillowTwin™ platform across their entire commercial real estate portfolio.
Willow has founded and funded a not-for-profit, independent industry body called the “Intelligent Buildings (IB) Index”. Its charter is to develop a globally calibrated industry standard to evaluate and certify a building’s intelligence.
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Willow integrates with Iconics live energy and live data solutions to display insights on how a building is operating.
Willow will integrate with CoreVision’s API to deliver support tickets within the Insite App.
Willow will integrate the Insite CMS with Yardi’s API and pull new tenant data from Yardi on a set time interval.
Willow integrate with Mailchimp to deliver email notifications to the Insite app users.
Willow will integrate with Twilio API to deliver SMS and push notifications to the Insite app.
Willow will integrate with Schindler’s API for lift access, allowing Insite app users to access lifts.
Willow will integrate with Johnsons Controls API for the purpose of vehicle number plate registration and creation of users and permissions within the Insite CMS.
Willow will be using SenseAgent sensors within smart buildings to collect data generated.
Willow will be integrating with CopperTree to provide energy analytics and fault detection.
Willow will integrate with Alerton for their BMS services.
Willow integrates with LoQit to deliver bookings and access for smart lockers via the Insite app. Willow will develop building access with HID API integrated into the Insite app.

Willow will be integrating with Siemens for building automation, energy management, fire safety, security, services and solutions by industry.

Forming of strategic partnership. Willow has integrated Autodesk’s 3D viewer (Forge) in the WillowTwin™ platform.

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