Benefits of Willow

Why are the largest owners of buildings and infrastructure networks adopting Willow across their portfolios?

Since the term “smart building” entered our vocabulary, owners have spent countless hours attempting to fulfil the potential of smart devices and the data they generate.

The irony is, that as more smart technologies enter our world, the more apparent is the lack of integration and shortage of true insight. And whilst the benefit of individual point solutions can be justified, they fail to cohesively answer the underlying question every owner wants to ask:

How do I take full advantage of the best in breed solutions, whilst remaining agile and future ready?

Houston, we have a solution.

We believe that the use of digital twins can answer this fundamental challenge for owners. These dynamic, virtual replicas of physical assets were first used by NASA, however they have now found value in many other industries such as aviation, oil and gas, manufacturing. Willow is leveraging digital twins as the solution to the industry’s “data silo” problem. Integrating disconnected data sources into one cohesive, visual, easy-to-use model. Digital twins are the key to the smart buildings and infrastructure networks of the future.
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What is different about Willow’s digital twin?

Our WillowTwin™ solution is a new standard of digital twin.

We start with industry expertise delivered through our professional services, which guide and build our digital twin..

In the era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge upon us, Willow is partnering with some of the largest technology leaders, including Microsoft, to ensure your data remains secure, and in the right hands.

Willow leverages the digital twin as a gateway into an entire ecosystem of solutions — an industry first in the world of digital twins. Digital twins for the built world, as defined by Willow, are the key to the smart cities of the future.

Benefits of Willow

If you would like to see for yourself the benefit of Willow for your assets and why the largest owners of property and infrastructure are using Willow, then please get in touch with our Client team.

  • Single Source of Truth – All geometry, static & live systems data is reported through a centralized secure platform enabling stakeholders quick and easy portfolio visualization.
  • Control your Business Information – Safeguard your data in a trusted repository, impenetrable by third-party vendors. Rest assured, the ownership of your organisation’s knowledge is retained by the you.
  • Control of Supply Chain Data Delivery – Willow ensures that all design team members are working in harmony and in a world of big data this process sets the building up for Smart Building – Future Readiness.
  • Empowered Handover & Commissioning Tool – A centralized reporting platform capturing the progressive compilation of all product specifications, O&M manuals, warranties maintenance requirements and data relevant to the building assets.
  • Improved Approval Management – Building Compliance bodies are introducing new standards and requirements necessitating the digital recording and compilation of signoff and approval documents.
  • Performance Tracking Defects Liability Period (DLP) – The WillowTwin™ can provide daily reports to both builder and operator from day one of operations on what equipment and data/electrical points are not functioning properly.
  • Benefit from Improved Performance Analytics – Monitor your individual building or portfolio performance via single platform drives improved decision-making, backed by past performance and predictive performance ongoing, resulting in operational, environmental & economical savings.
  • Improved Compliance Management During Operations – Immediate visibility of building and portfolio compliance status, provides peace-of-mind to building operators in ensuring your assets remain compliant.
  • Simplify Your Warranty Tracking, Depreciation Schedules, Capex & Opex Planning – The Twin captures all relevant asset data including cost, installation date, replacement date, warranties etc. This enables greater insight into capex and opex budgeting warranty tracking and depreciation schedules and can be captured on individual or portfolio levels.
  • Further Enhance Environmental Efficiencies – The ability to review energy analytics, improve operational efficiencies and performance, reducing power usage and omissions to create a more sustainable asset
  • Unlock New Revenue Opportunities – Use technology to unlock potential revenue streams; from e-commerce, data sharing and enhanced analytics. Improve usage rates across your buildings’ amenities & unlock ROI within your asset.
  • Reduce Risk, Time and Cost by Integrating Your Systems – The Willow platform integrates all of your building systems into a single, easy-to-use interface. Use the integrated platform to streamline user journeys and analyse and interrogate data sets from all of these systems in relation to each other.
  • Implement the Latest in Smart Maintenance – Continuously benefit from best in class automated maintenance solutions from work-orders that are deployed at the moment a problem arises to AI driven predictive maintenance technology.
  • Attract and Secure Occupants – Satisfy occupant demand and market your smart assets by enhancing and integrating their requirements including temperature comfort, connectivity, communications, data sharing, space utilisation, amenity, security and cleanliness.
  • Optimized Occupant Retention – Ensure your competitive advantage and optimize occupant retention by driving down operational outgoings and delivering an outstanding workplace experience. Keep your occupant’s staff happy with such things as reduced downtime of facilities (lifts), improved communication and access (workplace app), market-leading technologies (biometrics) and enhanced comfort (HVAC control) all possible through the Willow platform.
  • Offer Occupants Smart Spaces – With the WillowTwin™, tenants are able to ‘plug into’ to a number of smart technologies including; space utilisation, climate control, air quality management. In allowing the tenant to implement their own initiatives, a sense of purpose and wellbeing becomes an incentive to stay.
  • Create a Point-of-difference by Sharing Data with Occupants – Easily circulate & exchange occupant data requests with occupants and other stakeholders. Owners can offer their customers real time insights into their own tenancies (energy, space utilisation, access control, etc.) in a way that has never been offered before. Simply grant your occupants access to their own data through the WillowTwin™.

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