The People of Willow:
Introducing Lucas Cusack

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Lucas Cusack

Name: Lucas Cusack
Title: Digital Project Director
Joined Willow: November 2018
Location: London
Fun Fact: Lucas was one of the first few graduates of the world’s first BIM Management Masters degrees

Meet Willow’s Digital Project Director, Lucas Cusack, who is based in London and spearheading Willow’s business development in the UK and Europe. Multi-skilled, full of project experience and passionate about technology, he is a great example of the high calibre of people that work at Willow.

What led you to Willow?

I started my career as an architect and immediately discovered the time and cost saving benefits that 3D tools (essentially BIM) could bring to construction teams. My passion for making things easier through technology led me to move to the construction side. Here, I helped construction teams leverage the information that the design teams were creating.

I knew my career was moving towards BIM and digital engineering and I wasn’t ever going to be an architect. Working in construction, I got to spend a lot more time with customers and I again saw those customers, who are indirectly the biggest investors in technology, were not using it. The next step for me was to go to the customer and play a fundamental part there by having them use this information to its full potential. 

I then worked for Westfield as part of their in-house design and construction team. The team engaged with designers from the very beginning and managed the construction themselves, alongside the operations team. I effectively followed the information lifecycle from design, to construction, to operation. And during that whole journey, I used various tools and a good process to get the job done. I always wanted to give feedback and make things better but never came across a tool that did everything I thought it should, in terms of how we manage information into operation.

And then I met Daniel Kalnins from Willow! I saw there was a team that was transforming the industry. At the same time, their WillowTwin™ platform was doing everything that I had envisioned. This excited me so much. And it just so happened that Willow were looking for someone in London…

What are your skills/expertise?

Having worked at every point through the information lifecycle phase from design to operation, I have practical experience and knowledge of what information is useful at each stage and when this information should be generated.

Having worked at the handover stage of some large scale construction projects I understand the challenges faced by each party in managing the handover of useful and structured information. Having dealt with these issues head on, I have now focused my career on helping more customers and project teams in improving this process.

I can also be very hands on with the “tools,” whilst also taking a strategic view with the ability and experience to implement and run a fully managed Digital Engineering environment from scratch.

What projects are you working on?

After officially opening up shop in London 6 months ago, I oversee all operations within the UK and Europe region with notable projects such as:

  • 22 Bishopsgate, London, UK
  • AXA Stories, Paris France
  • thyssenkrupp Innovation Tower, Rottweil Germany

There are also many more projects on the way through continued business development and strategic partnering.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the UK and Europe?

The UK and Europe is a sea of rail networks, all with their challenges, and I think WillowRail is going to explode in the region because of that. I believe that the WillowRail product is scalable. You could have every network operator in Europe using it. Also, through my experience on the building side, I can see that there’s currently a lot of forward-thinking customers who are looking for this, and we have the best product out there. Before I even came to Willow, I looked to the market as a customer. I invited all these companies to show me their products. I now believe I’ve gone and worked for the best.

About Willow

Willow is the digital twin for the built world.

Our mission is to empower every person and organisation to connect with the built world in a whole new way.  

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