TfNSW, Digital Twins and buildingSMART’s OpenBIM Event at Willow’s New Office

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Willow recently hosted buildingSMART Australasia’s sellout “OpenBIM: Getting it Right” event in the new breakout space in our Sydney office.

Why do we support BuildingSMART?

buildingSMART is an amazing organisation and a leader of the digitisation of the built world – they have been responsible for creating and leading international standards and supporting the lobbying of government to be in the state we are in today. Currently, you can’t find a major complex project (especially infrastructure) where there isn’t a reference to digital engineering / BIM and OpenBIM requirements and formats. This sets the groundwork for smarter, long-term processes for delivering major infrastructure projects to ensure they are not just a blip on the radar for a couple years, rather a lasting legacy of digital assets into the Operations & Facilities Management phase.

Headlining the event was a friend of Willow, Simon Vaux, who has tirelessly campaigned and fought for digitisation of the built world for a number of years. Simon has been a trailblazer within Government at Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for Digital Engineering and has not only set the benchmark, but created standards and structures that are now being used nationally and internationally for transport infrastructure projects.

Last week, TfNSW launched Release 2 of their Digital Engineering Framework to the market. Release 2 builds on the original Framework to offer more guidance on classification, information management, BIM and the Digital Engineering Execution Plan (DEXP). It also introduces the concept of Project Data Building Blocks (PDBB) to ensure data on infrastructure projects has a common vocabulary. Simon and his team will be presenting a detailed update of Release 2 on the 30th April – see the link here for Event Details.

Willow is proud to be a part of helping TfNSW create the Digital Engineering Framework and are also a long-standing supporter of buildingSMART. We see it as a core part of ensuring the industry keeps up with looking to the future and improving on what has been done before to not just accept the status quo. If you look at the tracking of the work the speakers and buildingSMART have been a part of, there is now an amazing array of worldwide mandates for BIM.

So, what does all this mean?

Clients have realised that BIM is a key driver for new projects to deliver digital twins for smarter operations of their Infrastructure Networks and Building Portfolios.

With all the hype of digital twins in the marketplace, many have been confused on what’s real and what’s merely a pipe dream. For us at Willow, digital twins take the conversation further than just BIM.

When you take a look at all the technologies involved in major infrastructure projects, BIM, whilst extremely important, is just one small component of a much larger connection of technology interfaces – from those that keep the operations and back of house running (such as Asset Management and Central Control Rooms) to the public facing apps and systems (such as Smart Lockers and Digital Ticketing Systems).

The real value comes when we can connect the static data of asset information & documentation, live data of IoT devices and control systems and visualise through a geospatial context (such as GIS mapping or 3D models in BIM).

Daniel Kalnins is the Global Head of Digital at Willow. To learn more about WillowDigital™ and WillowTwin™, contact us here.

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