Joshua Ridley Featured in Microsoft’s IoT in Action 2019

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Earlier this month, Microsoft’s IoT In Action event was hosted in Sydney for the very first time, featuring Willow’s CEO and Co-Founder, Joshua Ridley in the plenary keynote.

The global event, which has taken place in many cities including Seoul, New York, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei and Nuremberg, is regarded as a preeminent platform for IoT developments in this constantly evolving area. IoT in Action attracts a wide range of sectors, partners and end-users, with everything from agriculture and smart buildings to breweries and retailers featured.

March’s event was a truly immersive showcase into how Microsoft is leveraging its partner network to scale the use and impact of IoT. Spokespeople and experts from Microsoft covered topics such as IoT business transformation, security, the intelligent edge, IoT cognitive services, hybrid cloud and IoT “solution accelerators” to build scalable, repeatable solutions.

Microsoft IoT

IoT. It’s not a makeover, it’s a transformation.

The consistent theme amongst all speakers was that IoT offers a truly transformative opportunity to businesses. Far more than a cosmetic technology trend, IoT will rock the core of business models, re-orientate partner selections and dictate cloud choice. Its impact will be huge and will be felt across all industries.

The built world, which has remained largely unchanged by technology over the past fifty years, is no exception. CEO and Co-founder Joshua Ridley featured in the opening keynote to share Willow’s use of IoT to develop intelligent digital twins. For Willow, IoT Data is for far more than just base line monitoring but is used to drive improvements in performance, safety and even regulations.

Josh shared examples of implementing the WillowTwin™ with thyssenkrupp Elevator and Investa Property Group. By synthesising this data, these customers and Willow have gone beyond connecting and managing IoT devices to create a solution that improves energy efficiency, spatial utilisation, occupant experience and regulatory compliance of buildings.

Start with the end in mind

Framing the day’s agenda, General Manager of IoT Device Experience, Microsoft APAC, Shirley Strachan gave some wisdom to the audience. “Before moving forward with an IoT solution, business leaders must be crystal clear on the purpose and goals, with a long-term view of how they will leverage the technology to drive business value.”

This sentiment echoes the same mindset that we carry at Willow, which is that technology should not lead the conversation, but rather the needs and objectives of the business. Through our services offering; WillowDigital, we are engaging with customers at the earliest possible stage in project delivery to understand their needs and to embed those into the digital requirements of a project. In doing this, technology can answer the objectives of our customers, rather than the tail wagging the dog.

Willow and Microsoft

Willow was honoured to be featured at Sydney’s IoT in Action event and believe it highlights the strength of our relationship and joint objective of driving digital transformation of the built world.

Microsoft and Willow have a strong partnership and the relationship is multi-faceted. In addition to Microsoft’s technology being a fundamental component of the WillowTwin™ solution, Willow and Microsoft are working together to industrialise and scale this through Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, extensive partner network and joint marketing initiatives.

We believe partnering with Microsoft we can achieve more together. We have some exciting announcements to come and look forward to sharing these soon.

Gareth Stewart is the Marketing Manager at Willow.

About Willow

Willow is the digital twin for the built world.

Our mission is to empower every person and organisation to connect with the built world in a whole new way.  

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